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    RMM Dahlia, just a run of the mill?...
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RMM Dahlia is a unique and powerful software, for your entire marketing stuffs. A secure and prominent multichannel automation tool designed to run your business growth. We treat mail as Petal coining Dahlia flower has different colors of petals. Similarly, RMM Dahlia can send different types of emails [petals]. Happy flowering!

Responsive Display

Now create your beatuiful Pro responsive email templates at dahlia email builder.

Campaign Builder

Deliver personalized campaigns across multiple channels using Dahlia.

Mail list management

Manage your list by segregating your mailing list based on your metrics.

Accurate metrics

Supercharge your marketing analytics automatically with Dahlia reports.

Amazing EMAIL Facts

Some number here will spin and tell the statistics of our work.
There are a lot more but these are the major facts.

3 billion people will use email by 2020
205 billion emails sent everyday 2019
72% Consumer prefer email for business communication
61% Consumers enjoy recieving weekly promotional and marketing emails

Wow! what an email usage nowadays! & these numbers are promising too, right?
then RMM Dahlia is the best tool for your email marketing!


Our Team is a loyal one, and they will help with any service that can, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Customized emails

As an email marketing solution, Dahlia features static and dynamic HTML messages.

Site Tracking

Dahlia has site tracking, conditional content, and event tracking mechanisms.

Role based access

Share Dahlia across multiple teams; each petal is secured and strict-visible to your team only!

Dahlia - Portfolio

Our portfolio is the best way to show our work, you can see here a big range of our work.
Check them all and you will find what you are looking for.



  • 5 Users
  • 200 Contact Lists
  • Storage upto 2000 Email IDs
  • 100 Email Templates
  • 2000 Petals


  • 25 Users
  • 500 Contact Lists
  • Storage upto 5000 Email IDs
  • 300 Email Templates
  • 3000 Petals


  • 50 Users
  • 1000 Contact Lists
  • Storage upto 10000 Email IDs
  • 500 Email Templates
  • 5000 Petals

Tax Additional


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